Month: December 2020

More Drawing

I’ve been in an odd mood. I’ve been wanting to practice drawing, faces, for now and wanting to paint roses. Sometimes I feel there is a tug of war within me. I love bright colors, but lately have been drawn to soft watercolor style roses. Part of it might be because my mom loved roses. […]

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I’ve been concentrating on drawing lately. I’ve been trying to draw an original character. So far, I’ve sketched her a few times. I think my proportions are still off, but I’m trying. I grabbed a few books and am slowly going through them. The one on the right I am not quite happy with, so […]

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It’s been a while

I said that I wanted to practice drawing every day. Well, that hasn’t happened. Running two businesses is time consuming. Things have slowed down a lot this month, so, I found some time to draw. I really wanted to concentrate on digital drawings, but the slowness of my old computer combined with the off brand […]

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