About Us

Hi, my name is Liliana Webb, I go by Lili.

I make stuff. I love to sew, paint, make jewelry, bake, so much stuff. My hobbies have grown and expanded and my passion for making stuff has as well. I started sewing first and make all my own clothes. I lean to fun, happy, colorful vintage style clothes. (If you are curious, you can check my personal Instagram, which is linked in my shop instagram’s profile) I then started painting, but stopped. I was slightly discouraged by my teacher’s critique. I was young. I shouldn’t have let this stop me. I started making more jewelry than I could wear. I also stopped because I had too much jewelry. Then I started baking and decorating vegan cupcakes for fun. Well, more for my son to eat. He just wants non fancy cupcakes, unless it’s video game related. I then started to make soaps. I wanted to make artistic landscape soaps, or swirly soaps. I find these types of soaps are so pleasant to pick up when you are in the bath. They add a little more happiness to my cleansing ritual, especially the beach soaps, because I love the beach!

I am “social” all over. You can watch more videos on TikTok, or see pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest is where I pin my stuff and other peoples items that I like. I have professional social profiles and personal social profiles. In my personal Instagram, for example I show a lot more of other things I make. I am in the process of experimenting with other artistic forms. I am trying to make a name for myself as an artist. I hope you will consider giving my wall art a happy home.

I also run another shop bluewavesoap.com. I make artistic, fun soaps, currently. That may change.

I’m also a wife and mom. Our very social 8 year old loves to be included in the businesses. He also has made appearances in our videos, on YouTube and TikTok.

I am willing to do commissions, so, if you see something I’ve made and would like something similar, send me an email (lili@shinysecretchic.com) and we can discuss details.

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