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Pinterest Artists Group Rules

Rules: Post 1-2 pins max per day. Pin to an appropriate section. Do not create new ones! Find something you like in the group board and pin it to an appropriate board on your Pinterest profile, every time you post. Only SFW art. If you cannot follow the rules, you will be removed. You DO […]

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Moving Away From Etsy

It’s a good idea to start moving away from Etsy at some point. If you dislike Etsy, or if you want a backup, in case Etsy is down. Ecwid This is a great free alternative. They allow you 10 items, shipping calculators and a nice looking website. They also give you a slightly different web […]

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So you want to start an etsy shop

Congratulations! The desire to open an Etsy shop, is the first step! Have a plan. Before you open a store, you’ll need A product someone wants to buy. A bank account, preferably separate from your personal one Debit or credit card A link for 40 free listings here. A shipping plan – Pirate Ship Social […]

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