My name is Lili

Hi. Welcome. My name is Lili. I make stuff.

My current obsession is making art. I especially have been loving fluid art. I also paint landscapes with traditional acrylic paint.

Currently, along with fluid art, I have been experimenting with digital art and humans. Humans are not easy to draw. I’m starting by attempting cartoon art. Ok, here we go, don’t laugh….

Learning to draw and learning new software, is a lot! However, I see the advantages of digital art. I want infinity layers. haha.

Obviously, my works above need a lot of improvement. I do try to improve with each attempt. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

I’m going to aim for practicing digital art EVERY day. I think I’ll concentrate on hair next. This last attempt at least looks like me. My closest critics say my cartoons are creepy. For the first attempts, I was going for old comics in newspaper, but with a more bold color. I was also trying to get the hang of the software. There are so many brushes and options within brushes, options in layers, etc. So many options, and so much to learn. This is still a WIP. I still need to fix the eyes and hair, on the last picture.

Oh, I’m also testing finishes for coasters, so far, it’s a waiting game. First attempt is a fail, mostly because I didn’t wait.

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