I should have known

I should have known I would like art. A long time ago, I remember actually liking when we had to paint the house. I liked the roller, the sound of the paint, and, of course, the satisfaction of the finished result.

This year, I started to paint again. I’m gently easing myself in with abstract fluid art and absolutely love it.

My parents collected stuff. They had a lot of records that they never even listened to. I also collected records. My mom and dad helped me with this as a kid. I really liked the “Golden Oldies”. I had records from Bobby Darin, Elvis, various Motown records, AC DC, and other albums. Unfortunately, they ended up being accidentally being thrown away. I loved collecting some of these hit records with my parents. The happiness and giddiness we shared when we found one of my “treasures”, I will never forget.

Both of my parents have passed away, so I have inherited the records. Some aren’t in the best shape, with dirt and dust from being in storage. Some are warped and so, they aren’t usable. I am trying to keep them out of the landfill. We found that we could start experimenting with painting on them.

So far, I have tried a few different techniques.

You may purchase my art at my site shinysecretchic.com

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