It’s been a while

I said that I wanted to practice drawing every day. Well, that hasn’t happened. Running two businesses is time consuming.

Things have slowed down a lot this month, so, I found some time to draw. I really wanted to concentrate on digital drawings, but the slowness of my old computer combined with the off brand drawing tablet, are discouraging, so that is on pause for a bit.

I did start experimenting with gouache and I absolutely love it! I’ve also been practicing old fashioned drawing, you know, with a pencil. So, everything is getting colored in with my gouache!

Ok, so, I haven’t really drawn people before, not properly anyway. I know I’ve painted the Vincent portrait, but that’s different. It’s a copy. I painted this with really cheap paints, and I started to appreciate nice expensive paints.

Back in 2004 I think I painted two very simple self portraits of me. They have been misplaced, but I’ll post them if I find them!

So, some drawings from this month…

I’m trying to develop my skills and see what face I prefer for my original character. All I know is she has pink hair. The rose gouache tube is the most used!

I still haven’t had the chance to make any more fluid art, but that might be a good thing because my walls are full from top to bottom. LOL.

I did start this lemon painting up at my aunt’s request. It isn’t finished yet.

I still need to try out oil paints. I suspect they will be very addictive. I’m very afraid. LOL.

I am really enjoying the challenges the art brings. Even when I think I’m comfortable with something, there is always something new. It’s great.

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