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I’ve been in an odd mood. I’ve been wanting to practice drawing, faces, for now and wanting to paint roses. Sometimes I feel there is a tug of war within me. I love bright colors, but lately have been drawn to soft watercolor style roses.

Part of it might be because my mom loved roses. My mom died last year and I have been missing her so much. Whenever I had to do something unpleasant (like dishes, haha) I’d call my mom. She always made everything so pleasant. Sure, I could have just put on a podcast, but I loved talking to my mom, about such nonsense and tiny things. Mom, my son did this today, and he laughed because of this joke and he danced and my silly nonsense about being insecure to start a business.

I would make art, copies of my favorite paintings and show her. I’d make dresses and show her. I even bought fabric specifically to wow her, but did not get the opportunity to sew those fabrics before she passed. She loved seeing the floral fabrics and soft watercolor style prints on the fabric.

I think this is what is making me gravitate toward the soft watercolor roses at this time. I make them and think my mom would be please. She would immediately say that this one or that one would be for her. I would, of course, spoil her and make art just for her until she, much like me now, would run out of wall space.

Ok, sorry. It was fun to fantasize about that for a minute. I do like the abstract bright colors, and the soft watercolors almost equally.

Anyway, these are some of the sketches I’ve done. Please pardon my newness. I am still learning! These are also rough sketches! I’m still working on expressions!


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