Moving Away From Etsy

It’s a good idea to start moving away from Etsy at some point. If you dislike Etsy, or if you want a backup, in case Etsy is down.


This is a great free alternative. They allow you 10 items, shipping calculators and a nice looking website. They also give you a slightly different web url which I think, looks a little nicer than other urls. Probably because it is less known. The biggest thing I liked about Ecwid is that it has pretty website templates that make your site look professional, or at least polished. For fun, I’ve added a very high priced item to my old site here so you can take a look at the theme I chose. The themes are limited, but they are pretty in my opinion. They don’t have fees to for any sales you make, so you get to keep that money. However, Paypal and Stripe, if you choose them, do have their own fees for payment processing.

Ecwid also has a few paid options, the cheapest at $15.00 a month.

Big Cartel

I could not get the hang of Big Cartel. No matter what I did, the website did not look right. It really did look like something I made in the late 90’s. I’m sure it’s popular for a reason. They also, much like Ecwid, give you free listings and other similar features. For me, it didn’t look pretty and I didn’t find it very intuitive. I did not give it enough of a chance. (To be honest, I wanted to find something I could set up quickly, before I lost my nerve. At this point I had only had one sale and I was starting to doubt myself.)


I was very lucky to be able to give Shopify a full chance for three whole months during their trial period. Shopify at $29 a month is very easy and incredibly intuitive.

They take a multitude of payments, including Apple Pay. They have an AI style assistant, Kit that generates simple drafts of social media posts and texts you the draft. She will then ask if it is ok to post. These posts are based on new items that you add to the store. You can also ask her to help with ads and other things similar to that. They have coupons, calculated shipping costs, taxes, unlimited products all sorts of goodies that make ecommerce easy, so you can get to creating.


Everyone seems to talk about WooCommerce like it’s amazing or something, and free. Well, it is, sort of. WooCommerce is free to use, however, you will need to find a host to park your page. Ecommerce sites like Shopify, Ecwid, Big Cartel, and even Etsy do this for you. The host is always the expensive part, but really, it’s cheaper than Shopify. With some hosts you can get hosting for as cheap as $3 a month (of course, this will be if you hardly have any traffic, as in the beginning)! WooCommerce doesn’t have a fee, so, this makes your ecommerce store very inexpensive. The drawback, is that you will need some technical know how, or willing to learn. WooCommerce might be overwhelming for some with so many options! The possibilities are almost endless. Advanced coupons, wishlists, special pricing for returning customers and so on. Most of these awesome features were on the higher tiers for other ecommerce sites, but, not on WooCommerce. I’m still looking at all the options in WooCommerce, but, I am very much in love with the platform. I’ll do a 3 month follow up, if I can remember! For now, for the low amount of traffic I have, this option makes the most sense.


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