Pinterest Artists Group Rules


  1. Post 1-2 pins max per day.
  2. Pin to an appropriate section. Do not create new ones!
  3. Find something you like in the group board and pin it to an appropriate board on your Pinterest profile, every time you post.
  4. Only SFW art.
  5. If you cannot follow the rules, you will be removed.

You DO NOT need to follow me!

My Pinterest page has started gaining a little momentum and I want to try to boost artists in any way I can. If you do not have a Pinterest page and do have a website, like Etsy or Bigcartel, you should create a Pinterest profile.

I didn’t want to include a rule for people being required to find something and pin it to their profile, but, I’m hoping it will boost the visibility of the board and in turn your products. It’s kind of like retweeting. I like that about Twitter and want to encourage that.

Here are Pinterest’s rules if you aren’t familiar with them.

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