I’ll start this off with how I had been feeling. I was seriously feeling down. Sometimes being a small business sucks. You are out on social media talking to yourself every day. No one replies, hardly any likes, so you start thinking you suck. So, you try to gather yourself up and make stuff, art for me. You make it and start thinking your art sucks, and you suck, again. No one goes to your site. You wake up and the first thing you do is start working to drive traffic to your site and you get 6 people, yay, but no sales. Most people get to the front page and close the window. Defeated, again.

The only thing that kept me going is the optimism that there was one person who liked my art, surely there are others out there, I just have to find them. It gets tough though, I will admit.

I still wanted to make art. I was experimenting with making coasters out of tiles. The end result was gorgeous! The dark blue, the cells, so pretty!

I decided to take a quick video. Then I went back to take pictures. Somehow I slipped and fell hard, right on my freshly painted beautiful coasters!


Now some acrylic poured coasters that will never be because I fell on to them and ruined them 😭#artfail

♬ Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit

They were all ruined, not one spared. To top it off, I had a gigantic bruise on my thigh that hurt for a week, down in to the muscle.

I decided the next day to try again. It was just a fluke, I wasn’t paying attention and I can make more pretty coasters. Ok, so I start with slightly different colors, they are looking pretty good. I feel a little proud that I was able to duplicate the results.

That’s when it happened… The newly mounted shelf fell on my head, bounced off my head, hit my printer, along with canvas and my tiles. One of the tiles broke. Paint splatter everywhere. Damaged canvas. Shelf heavy. I, like a ninja, caught it after it bounced off my head. It was heavy. Once the shelf was set aside, I was too shaky. I admit I cried a bit. I kept thinking that maybe all of this was signs that I should quit my journey, that art isn’t for me.

I started to angrily verbalize this to my husband. “Maybe it’s an omen that I should stop making art. Maybe the universe wants me to quit.” He started giggling. I was perplexed. I just stared at him, waiting for him to answer. “We have been watching different movies” he said. ” I was seeing it as,” and in his dramatic voice, with his fist clenched, he continued “can she overcome all these obstacles and rise above….” At this point, I’m sorry to admit, I stopped listening. I started to think that maybe he was right. I took a break for the day. My hands, wrists and back hurt and I still felt shaky.

The next day I went back to making art. This is the next piece I made.

I call this Triumphant. I can overcome the obstacles. I will not let things defeat me, and you can overcome them as well. No matter how bad things may seem.

This piece is currently for sale, but I might change my mind. This might be my equivalent to Uncle Scrooge’s #1 dime.

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