Watercolor Day 14 -For Real

Ok, so since yesterday I tried digital only, I went ahead and made a digital watercolor and regular watercolor painting today. Both are unfinished. I feel like I’m going backwards instead of forwards. I think I need to go back to where I was. I’ll go back tomorrow. I have so many drawings to choose from.

Anyway, both of these are not finished. I was not really feeling the colors and I had already drawn the dark line before I finished adding layers, so, I’ll have to go back and fix it.

So much I dislike about this one.
I love the colors in this one though.

Her hair is not finished yet. I’m ok, mostly with the rest. I used Rebelle 3 for this vintage style digital painting. Well, the painting isn’t vintage style, but I might try that next time.

So, today was super productive!

Tomorrow, I go back to basics.

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