Watercolor day 15

Again I tried to fix this one. I seem to have made it worse. I need a plan. I’ll pause for now, maybe.

She’s giving me vampire vibes, so I might run with that. We will see.

For today’s watercolor activity, I went back to basics. My latest sketch, a forward facing lady with short hair.


As I look, I want to add more to her. Like add more layers to her shirt and hair. I need to stop. She looks good as is.

I normally don’t like to listen to music when I’m painting or drawing. I feel it hinders my flow. It sounds so weird to say out loud. My husband was playing music and I heard “Nothing Compares to You” and Chris Cornell was singing. I absolutely loved the version he sang. His voice was amazing! I had no idea. It sounded so sweet and powerful. I think some of the sweetness or emotion I was feeling went in to this painting.

You can purchase a print of “Amber” in my shop, click here.

This is supposed to be a painting softer colors. I need to save the darkness for my vampire lady.

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