Watercolor Day 16 Fail

Today, my painting went all wrong. I started with a sketch and could not get it to look right. I wanted a slight smile and a slightly larger nose and a longer face. I used the eraser so much, the paper started ripping.

I said, ok, I’ll leave it there and start painting. Well, my second layer was oversaturated. The watercolor was way too yellow and it looked greener than normal. So, I tried to correct it and added a touch of red, but, the paper was still saturated with water, and the paper ended up ripping/lifting a lot. Then, I added too much red, so I added some green. Well, that was a mistake. I kept this up until the paper was way too saturated with water to do anything, so, I just stopped.

It has actually been raining in Arizona. It’s weird. The mountains are green. I even saw sparkles in the mountains. I’m assuming this was water running down the mountain. I had never seen that before here.

So, this has increased the humidity in the air, and that is great for watercolor painting, so I’m trying to take advantage.

Anyway, I did a second sketch.

Sketch 2

As you can see, I lost my lines in my watercolor as a result from adding a lot of layers. The paper started falling apart as well. I might try to add some shadows because it looks a little flat to me.

I’m a little disappointed in myself with this painting. I know better and I made the same mistakes again.

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