Watercolor Day 18

I finished yesterday’s painting. I still need work on hair. I need to go through a tutorial or something. I’m really proud of this one though.

There was a little bit of a problem at the bottom of the paper. The paper would just not absorb water or pigment very much. The top of her dress (black area, that looks blotchy.)

I’m getting used to this paper. At first I hated it. I kept using it to try to use it all up and “get rid of it”. However, I think I like that it’s smooth and can look grainy. I like both of those features.

I might have to consider purchasing this paper again. It’s Strathmore “Vision” watercolor paper.

Oh, not watercolor, but I made some test stickers today! I think they look adorable. I might consider adding them to the shop!

Cute stickers

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