Watercolor day 20

Progress seems slow. However. I’ve realized, I’ve been getting to know my paintbrushes as well as learning how to watercolor. I think I’m getting better with faces and it really does help to have a reference to know where the shadows and highlights go. As I type this, it’s like duh, but I thought of it as cheating.

I tried a few different things today. I slightly shaded the face where the shadows would go, and left areas for highlights too. I lost my pencil lines a lot less this way. I also tried to do the eyes a little different and added a little bit of colored pencil. I think I prefer that. My paint brush just seems too harsh. I also cannot get the feel for how the paintbrush spreads. You can see this on the right bottom corner. I went a bit too wide with the line. It’s ok.

I did low effort hair today, but I think I need to step it up. I can’t find a hair tutorial I like. Maybe I should just try a few and see if I like it. Visually, I don’t. I also don’t want to head to realism, although, this one’s face is heading in that direction. I keep dreaming of curly Greek statue style hair. That’s what I want. Maybe I should make a greyscale painting based on one of those statues. Hmm, that’s a possibility.

Anyway, I forgot to take a picture of the sketch today. What ends up happening is I sketch right? Then I think, oh this one is too pretty to paint. So, I leave it. Then I come back to it and see all the mistakes and things I don’t like and then I think, girl, this must mean you’re improving. Woo hoo?! I think.

I also tried different watercolors. I was using the Winsor & Newton which I love, but I wanted to use the 48 watercolor set I got, specifically this one. These have more colors, so I don’t need to mix. This is so much easier. I do kind of miss mixing. Since I am feeling a bit under the weather, I welcome shortcuts.

Ok, on to the art, the reason you’re probably here. Unless no one reads this, which no one has yet.

I do see I lost my line at the hair. It’s ok. I still love her!

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