Watercolor Day 24

I have been sketching more than painting lately, but I am loving my watercolor pencils. I love having a sharp point. I can’t seem to get that with my brushes. When I watch zoomed in brush videos on YouTube, everyone’s paintbrush is perfect. Mine all have random hairs going in all different directions, so when I paint, the brush strokes look hairy. Not in a good way. LOL.

Anyway, watercolor

This watercolor painting lady has a bit of RBF.

The more I work with watercolor pencils, the more I like them and the more I want to purchase a larger set. These are cheap pencils so, I get very soft color, which is exactly what I am looking for, at least right now. Regular watercolors can give me more vivid colors, if I want. Right now, I’m looking for soft shades of all colors. These are Loew Cornell Simply Art colored pencils, a pack of 18.

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