Watercolor Day 36 & 37

I made another painting today. I used Kalour 72 watercolor pencils. I really liked a lot of the colors in this set, but, the purples weren’t as dark as I wanted. The yellows were really vibrant, and one of the pinks, OMG, I love it! So far, I really love this set. I didn’t have any issues with lead breaking or anything, even when sharpening.

Anyway, it went smoothly.

I’m so excited about it. I asked my son to choose the hair color and he chose purple. He also said he really liked her golden eyes.

She looks slightly annoyed. I imagine talking to her and saying hold on, these flowers match your hair, and quickly try to snap a picture. That’s probably why she looks annoyed. This isn’t what happened though, I just drew this character from nowhere.

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