Watercolor Day 6

I wanted to draw and paint something similar to yesterday, but trying to improve. I’m in love with the way this watercolor painting turned out. Maybe I should continue down this route? We will see.

I was going for a soft, cartoonish style portrait. I really love that right eye. I might explore more eyes like this, maybe bigger and more exaggerated.

I also think I would like some nicer watercolor brushes. My synthetics are not good for blending. They just rip the watercolor right out of the paper, or shred the paper. The only soft brush I have, sheds like crazy, or maybe it’s more authentic to find hairs in the hair of my painting? Ugh, nope!

Anyway, I will call this pretty lady Amanda, because she reminded me of my mom when I was drawing her. I think my mom would be pleased with this painting.

For the first few days of watercolor, I used cheap watercolors. For this one, I used Winsor and Newton, and they are so pigmented, it is difficult for me to get used to it. I wanted soft colors again, and the richness of these nice paints makes it difficult. The paints are super nice though, you don’t need much watercolor.

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