Watercolor Day 7

As I continue my 30 day watercolor exploration, I am thinking and wondering if I should try more digital art. My time is limited, so for now, I will continue with real watercolors, but I can feel a strong pull to digital.

Is it weird, that for the moment, I like these cartoon style portraits, but for landscapes, I think I prefer to not use watercolor. I might change my mind on this later, but for now, I prefer acrylic or oil landscapes.

Just as I say this, I might end up exploring watercolor landscapes. I know I’ve taken many pictures with the intention of painting them “some day”. I might need to speed up the some day, to next month. We will see.

On to today’s watercolor.

I tried larger eyes, but, I’m not sure I like them in this. I tried to make the same drawing as I did yesterday, but with larger eyes. I do like the more soft colors on the face though.

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